What We Do

-To help girls in the United Kingdom, United States, Liberia and Nigeria through our mentoring program in schools, promoting self-esteem, self-care, building resilience and managing relationships.

-To raise funds to sponsor girls in Liberia and Nigeria(Our camp) to stay in schools ( support with schools fees, supplies: books, notebooks, pens, access to computer & internet to do homework, uniforms, school shoes, vouchers etc),
-To offer one to one mentoring ( pairing girls in the UK & US with girls in Liberia),
-Community Health centre ( providing sanitary pads, physical health checks: Smear test, Blood pressure, Blood sugar monitoring for diabetes care etc).
-To have a Feeding Program for women and Girls providing food rations.

-To do activism (organise women’s marches to raise awareness around gender-based violence

Our signature summer programs and activities are:

-Summer school ( drama, dance, recitals, crafts) baking

-Sports :Football , Kickball, swimming, athletics,

-Mental Health Services : counselling (one to one) sign posting to relevant agencies.